Van Ness Feldman’s team of attorneys and policy professionals are at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and innovations.  The firm is well positioned to help companies harness old technology to serve a new era – including emerging technologies such as clean hydrogen. 

Clean hydrogen is an energy source that has emerged as a potential game changer in accelerating the decarbonization process across numerous industry participants in the U.S. energy economy.  Hydrogen is a versatile fuel that has the potential to power diverse sectors of the economy, particularly those that are difficult to electrify.  It also can be used to store and transport renewable energy production.  Hydrogen is being recognized from board rooms to scientific laboratories as a critical piece of the strategy for achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emission targets. 

We are proud to have recently launched the Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition,  a coalition focused on advancing policies to scale the entire value chain for clean hydrogen, including production, transport, and storage; and all end-use market applications for hydrogen.  The coalition is comprised of organizations that reflect the diversity of the value chain for hydrogen and has a shared vision that clean hydrogen is a key pathway to achieve U.S. decarbonization objectives and maintain U.S. competitiveness. 

As a result of our involvement with the Coalition, our team has already begun to cultivate bipartisan, bicameral interest among Members of Congress seeking to introduce federal legislation supporting clean hydrogen. 

As hydrogen blossoms as a fuel source, a major buildout of infrastructure will likely be required to store and transport the fuel to its ultimate destination.  The firm helps companies develop hydrogen transportation pipelines.  This includes assistance navigating uncertainty associated with emerging regulatory regimes, and permitting issues related to hydrogen pipeline projects. 

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