Clean hydrogen is an energy source for the future—with potential to deliver an abundance of low- or zero-CO2 intensity energy across all sectors of the U.S. economy.  With the ability to accelerate decarbonization and catalyze clean energy infrastructure development, Van Ness Feldman is actively engaged in all facets of the clean hydrogen economy.

Van Ness Feldman’s attorneys and policy professionals work with industry, members of Congress, and regulators to develop effective incentives and to both create and facilitate the regulatory structure, permitting, and operational principles that will allow clean hydrogen to be generated, stored, transported, and utilized for a wide range of uses.  Engaging a cross-section of practice areas and industry teams including Electric, Oil & Gas, Renewables, Land Use, Water, Public Policy, Pipeline Safety, Automotive, and Infrastructure, the firm provides advocacy, strategy, and ground-breaking counsel to clients as they create and navigate the emerging legal framework and developments in the clean hydrogen market.   

Van Ness Feldman is also at the forefront of engaging with the White House and the agencies to affirm the role clean hydrogen must have in our nation’s energy and climate strategy.  Through the Clean Hydrogen Future Coalition and engagement with individual clients, Van Ness Feldman supports efforts that will drive investments in the full value chain of clean hydrogen economy, including technology development and the infrastructure needed to scale a clean hydrogen industry in the U.S.