Louisiana Achieves Regulatory Milestone in Clean Energy

December 28, 2023

Over the past eight months, VNF Solutions, the consulting arm of Van Ness Feldman, has been instrumental in advancing Louisiana's bid to gain primary authority over the permitting and regulation of carbon dioxide underground sequestration projects. Our team, on behalf of our clients, has actively engaged with congressional representatives, the White House, and various stakeholders to advocate for Louisiana's preparedness to lead in the energy transition.

Yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a final rule granting Louisiana Primacy for Class VI carbon sequestration wells, making it only the third state to achieve this status. This regulatory advancement is expected to unlock billions in clean energy investments within the state, addressing the national backlog of applications for these specialized wells.

This development reflects outgoing Governor John Bel Edwards' commitment to Louisiana's pivotal role in the energy transition. The EPA’s decision also highlights our firm's deep expertise, robust relationships, and successful track record in this sector. As Louisiana moves forward with numerous projects, and as other states look to follow its lead, VNF is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive support in permit applications, policy guidance, and other legal and political aspects critical to our clients' success in this evolving landscape.

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