Shannon Angielski

Principal, Governmental Issues



1050 Thomas Jefferson Street NW
Seventh Floor
Washington, DC 20007
  • Through representation of the Coal Utilization Research Council, participated in the design and advocacy of billions in tax credits for advanced coal technology projects and strategically advances annual appropriations for coal technology and CCS research and development funding.
  • Advises clients in successfully obtaining multi million dollar federal grants for advanced energy technology projects.
  • As coordinator of the firm’s federal funding practice, coordinated the development of a new firm model for clients to partner with the federal government, and represent clients under this new model in their efforts to secure federal funding for the development and deployment of new energy technologies.
  • Advocated for the authorization and appropriation of a new federal energy technology program and helped client to successfully compete for a $30 million federal grant under the program.
  • Working with client to develop responsible international financing policies for overseas energy technology projects.



Weekly Federal Funding Opportunities Update 9/16


Weekly Federal Funding Opportunities Update