Andrew M. VanderJack




1050 Thomas Jefferson Street NW
Seventh Floor
Washington, DC 20007
  • Provided counsel to a large Alaska municipality and Alaska Native Corporations on U.S. and international Arctic policy matters while working closely with Member of Congress, the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality, the State Department, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the U.S. Coast Guard to inform a wide-range of federal Arctic policy decisions.
  • Provided counsel to a Native American client in protracted negotiations with members of Congress, Congressional committees, and the current administration regarding a complicated land claims settlement dispute that ultimately led to an agreement between all major parties on the terms of federal legislation to resolve the dispute.
  • Successfully resolved a disagreement between a school district and a federal agency over the scope of the federal agency’s statutory authority to provide federal grant funding, which resulted in the award of a multimillion dollar grant to the school district after the agency initially denied the their application for funding.
  • Provided counsel to several nonprofit and for-profit Alaska Native organizations on matters related to the federal management of public lands and natural resources, as well as Federal regulation of hunting and fishing in Alaska.
  • Worked with a large, county-level government in Alaska on matters related to the Federal management of onshore oil and gas resources in Alaska and the Federal management of offshore oil and gas resources in the Arctic Ocean adjacent to Alaska.
  • Provided counsel to a large mine in the southwestern United States throughout the federal environmental review and permitting process for the mine.


Arctic Encounter Symposium 2016

Panel Moderator
Seattle, WA