Water, Sewer, & Irrigation Districts

Van Ness Feldman has long-standing experience and strong familiarity with the energy, infrastructure, environmental, and land use matters facing various special purpose and utility districts, such as water, sewer, and irrigation districts, and the municipalities that similarly provide these services.

As populations centers expand, and the demand for utility infrastructure, municipal water supply, and irrigation needs increase, thoughtful and strategic counsel is vital to ensuring long-term sustainability and stewardship of this limited resource.

Through a unique combination of legal, policy, and industry experience, the firm’s attorneys and policy professionals bring creative solutions and a problem-solving mindset to the representation of special purpose districts on varied and complex water-related matters. Our representations span permitting and regulatory compliance, transactions and market activity, water transfers and contracting, litigation and appeals, mediation and negotiations, legislation, policy advocacy and governmental relations, governance and public law, and sustainability and security.