Climate Adaptation & Resilience

As the effects of climate change become more prominent in the daily lives of Americans, businesses must begin to consider ways to increase the resilience of their operations, while governments must consider legal frameworks to foster development and operations that will be resilient to the impacts of unpredictable and changing climatic conditions. Identifying adaptation opportunities and planning for climate change-related impacts can be a wide-ranging and intricate process.

Van Ness Feldman’s attorneys, technical, planning and policy professionals provide a full suite of climate-related policy, regulatory, project development, permitting, transactional, and strategic services to a diverse cross-section of clients and industries.

Our team combines strong experience in crisis planning and preparedness, legal services, code and policy drafting, government relations, thought-leadership, and policy strategy. VNF’s team of professionals has in-depth knowledge and operational experience across the full range of climate-related hazards and brings exceptional capabilities in both risk assessment and risk management counsel.

As strategic advisors to senior officials of government, utilities, private companies, and not-for-profit organizations, the firm is highly-skilled at examining the most significant policy, planning, and response challenges. VNF professionals serve as thought-leaders at the intersection of mitigation and adaptation and can assist clients in meeting their business goals in a cost-effective manner.


    Van Ness Feldman’s resilience team assists public and private entities to manage climate impacts to natural resources. We are knowledgeable on climate changes’ effect in areas such as ocean acidification, water quality, water supply, agriculture, and forests and are particularly sought after to provide representation on the integration of science and policy into regular business operations.


    We have deep experience in climate change issues related to land use, planning, and zoning. Our range of experience gives us the ability to mitigate slow-onset (such as drought and sea-level rise) and fast-onset (such as floods and hurricanes) impacts due to climate change. We frequently advise municipalities, corporations, and private citizens on the best land use measures to respond and prepare for any event.


    Potential and uncertain climate change impacts create new regulatory challenges for clients. The firm has broad knowledge of regulations across all levels of government and is well prepared to assist clients in complying with, and interpreting laws ranging from local land use development regulations to federal statutes. Our team creates comprehensive assessments tailored to an entity’s particular industry that evaluates strengths, weaknesses, and options for potential changes in an evolving regulatory environment.


    With in-depth knowledge of clients’ operations, and experience across the full-range of hazards, Van Ness Feldman professionals bring exceptional capabilities in risk assessment and risk management techniques. As strategic advisors to senior officials across all levels of government, utilities, not-for-profit organizations, and global corporations, the firm assists clients in examining their most significant policy, planning, and response challenges.


    Van Ness Feldman professionals are skilled in acquiring critical investments for costly and complex climate change adaption measures in areas such as greenhouse gas regulation, carbon markets, and environmental mitigation. The firm is uniquely equipped to secure funding for mitigation measures that intersect with policy developments at the local, state, and federal level.