19th Annual Commercial Real Estate Purchases & Sales

March 26, 2012

Law Seminars International

Washington State Convention Center Seattle, WA

Today's real estate market is characterized by difficult legal and financial challenges, but also by opportunities unique to the current economic climate. This is the 19th annual edition of LSI's advanced conference on Commercial Real Estate Purchases and Sales, which has become the premier gathering of the region's leading real estate professionals. Distinguished and highly knowledgeable faculty share their first-hand experience of current market trends and strategies on how to achieve successful transactions in this difficult climate.

At the center of this expert-led discussion is a detailed analysis of past and present trends in the commercial real estate market, including who the buyers are and what types of property are selling, and predictions on how the market will develop in the months ahead. Attendees also learn about the latest legal and business-side due diligence issues, ethical issues in purchase and sale transactions, new financing strategies, appraisal issues in the uncertain market and more topics pertinent to today's market.

VNF Speakers:  Susan Shyne and Athena Kennedy are speaking on, "Leases and their Influence on Purchase Transactions:  Estoppels, SNDAs and Other Issues."  (4:00 PM, March 26, 2012)

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