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Electric Reliability Update - March 15, 2016

March 15, 2016


NERC Standards Effective in Q2 2016 - On April 1, 2016 standard IRO-006-EAST-2 titled "Transmission Loading Relieve Procedure for the Eastern Interconnection" will become effective. The standard's purpose is to coordinate action between Reliability Coordinators within the Eastern Interconnection and IROL, particularly when implementing transmission loading relief procedures for the Eastern Interconnection.   

NERC Submits MRO Process Manual Revisions for Approval - March 7 - NERC submitted a Petition for Approval of proposed amendments to the Midwest Reliability Organization's (MRO) Standard Process Manual (SPM). The proposed amendments will reduce MRO's costs by allowing more voting flexibility, while also correcting administrative errors. The MRO Board of Directors and the NERC Board of Trustees each approved the proposed amendments.

NERC Submits Petition for Approval of Rules of Procedure - March 3 - NERC submitted to FERC a compliance filing for approval of revisions to the NERC Rules of Procedure to show how the risk-based Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program is addressed.  NERC also added language to modify NERC's and the Regional Entities' data retention requirements to explicitly include self-logging data and related information. 

NERC Delays Implementation of ROP Procedures - March 3 - In a letter to FERC, NERC informed the Commission that it would not implement Technical Feasibility Exceptions Rules of Procedure (ROP) revisions by the April 1, 2016 effective date.  NERC requested the April 1 effective date in order to align the ROP revisions with the effective date of the Critical Infrastructure Protection version 5 standards.  However, FERC granted an extension of time for implementation of CIP version 5 standards until July 1, 2016, and as such NERC will not implement the ROP revisions until that date. 


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