How to Protect Communities: Facilitating and Coordinating Responses to Disasters

June 11, 2020

American Bar Association

The frequency of natural or human-provoked disasters continues to increase, with significant losses due to climate-change induced sea level rises, climate-stressed forest fires, and warm-water fueled hurricanes regularly in the news. Both natural and man-made disasters can have serious impacts on communities. Lawyers play a significant role in helping their clients—industry, communities, and regulators—plan for and prepare for disasters, including helping them evaluate risk and consider where to invest resources. Adaptation measures are one way in which communities can attempt to lessen the destructive effect of disasters.

Partner TC Richmond will speak on a panel discussing adaptation measures conceptually and planning for the worst through the implementation of adaptation measures. Attendees will learn about current adaptation projects and the lawyers’ role, how current laws are used to implement adaptation measures, and how to develop and implement adaptation measures in an equitable manner.

For more information and to register visit ABA's website. 

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