VNF Talks: Roles of Northwest Tribes in Infrastructure Permitting

December 14, 2016

Seattle, WA

Please join us at one of two events to discuss the significant developments regarding the role of Northwest tribes in infrastructure permitting.

Over the past year, the Pacific Northwest has witnessed three significant developments regarding the role of Indian Tribes in federal and state permitting decisions. In May, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied federal permits for the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal based upon concerns about impacts of the proposed project on Tribal Treaty fishing rights. In June, in a landmark decision, the Ninth Circuit affirmed a permanent injunction against the State of Washington, concluding that the State violated, and continues to violate, the Tribal Treaty fishing rights by building and maintaining barrier culverts. More recently, in response to the Dakota Access pipeline protests, the Federal Government, after authorizing most of the pipeline construction, initiated a government-to-government consultation seeking “Tribal Input on Federal Infrastructure Decisions” with the purpose of enhancing tribal input into infrastructure-related reviews and decisions.

These developments may have wide ranging impacts on all projects that require any federal and state permit, approval or funding.  

Please join us for a panel discussion and a question/answer session where VNF attorneys Brent CarsonMaranda ComptonMolly Lawrence, and Matt Love will address:

  1. Recent legal and policy developments related to the role of Indian Tribes and treaty rights in federal and state permitting decision in in the Pacific Northwest.
  2. The current status and anticipated outcome of the government-to-government consultation related to tribal input on Federal Infrastructure Decision.

VNF will host two sessions covering this topic.

In-person lunch event, December 14th, 11:30-1:30
719 Second Ave, Suite 1150
Seattle, WA

Teleconference Option: December 15th, 12:00-1:30


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