VNF Attorneys Explore Carbon Dioxide Removal Tax Credits as a Pathway to Achieve Net-Zero Emissions

October 24, 2023

In collaboration with Third Way, Van Ness Feldman is pleased to announce the release of "Scaling the Skies." This comprehensive document, co-authored by Kyle Danish, Michael Platner, and Patrick Reimherr, in conjunction with Anisah Assim and Dr. Rudra V. Kapila, explores how a new method-neutral Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) tax credit can increase decarbonization efforts resulting in a reversal of global warming. 

Countering the effects of climate change will necessitate developing and scaling new carbon dioxide removal (CDR) methods. CDR refers generally to any practice or technology that removes carbon dioxide from the ambient air or oceans, which differs greatly from traditional carbon management approaches that capture emissions from a particular point source. CDR activities create “net negative” emissions by decreasing or “drawing down” overall carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. A federal tax credit could play a major role in scaling CDR activities and will have to consider factors such as measurability, administrative burden, and environmental and community impacts.

The full "Scaling the Skies" white paper is available for download here. 

This white paper does not necessarily represent the views of Van Ness Feldman, LLP, or its clients.