Tribal Natural Resource Damage Assessments

December 16, 2019

Law Seminars International

Seattle, WA

Join Michael Goodstein as he discusses "Developing and Refining Environmental Cost Recovery Programs to Make Them More Effective" during LSI's fifth annual Tribal Natural Resource Damage Assessments Seminar. 

The seminar will focus exclusively on Tribal NRDA and will continue to explore the cutting-edge cases that are driving the development of Tribal NRD law. The program will start with an update on federal damage assessment processes and developments, and an annual case law update.

The agenda also covers valuing Tribal service losses, incorporating climate change impacts into restoration planning, and pathways to more effective negotiations. This will include ways to gain leverage through the development of legal structures for dealing with resource damages under Tribal law.

Lastly, the seminar will discuss restoration, and Michael Goodstein will offer tips for designing more effective cost recovery programs.