NWHA 2008 Annual Conference: "The Climate of Hydro"

February 19, 2008

Northwest Hydroelectric Association

Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront Portland, OR

Public awareness of, and concern about, climate change continues to grow. This, combined with the need for additional electrical capacity, draws increased attention to both conventional and new hydro technologies as attractive sources of clean, renewable energy.

Join a broad range of water resource stakeholders, along with Northwest regulatory officials at the NWHA 2008 Annual Conference. We will explore critical regional issues and examine the approaches used to successfully address these trends.

Topics include:

  • Examining climate change issues and strategies to address them in the Northwest
  • Evaluating implementation and regulatory challenges of new hydro technologies
  • Transitioning from relicensing to compliance
  • Addressing progress on fish passage, habitat, and water quality issues
  • An update on regulatory and legislative issues, including what's happening in the Columbia Basin as well as in Washington, D.C.

Kyle Danish will be speaking on climate change during the first panel at 10 AM on February 20.

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