For nearly 30 years, nuclear power has provided approximately 20 percent of our nation’s electricity and has proven to be an essential component in maintaining the reliability of the electricity grid and achieving greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. 

The nuclear industry faces increasing challenges as current low prices for natural gas; lengthy litigation affecting new plant applications and license renewals; and the failure to make progress on a disposal plan for spent fuel have created an intense level of uncertainty about the future of nuclear power in the United States.  Navigating these challenges and responding to new opportunities, such as the implementation of modular and scalable generating technologies (including SMRs), requires stakeholders to understand the shifting legal, regulatory, and political landscape affecting nuclear policy. 

Van Ness Feldman’s team of nuclear energy attorneys provides clients with valuable insights and strategic counsel on these complex and evolving nuclear policy matters.  Having served as outside counsel to the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future, and as counsel to the Bipartisan Policy Center's Nuclear Waste Initiative, our team has unique and recent nuclear policy experience in a range of regulatory issues, including federal, state, and local environmental permits; NRC decommissioning criteria; financial qualifications; foreign ownership restrictions; insurance and indemnity issues; and rail transportation issues. 

We enjoy a long history of involvement in nearly all aspects of energy and environmental regulation and policy, and are well-known for our ability to collaborate effectively with our clients’ internal and external technical advisors to provide superior, cost-effective service.  

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