FERC Transmission Ratemaking

April 08, 2019 - April 09, 2019


, Spring Hill Suites Chicago/O'Hare, Chicago, IL

Join Doug Smith and Kelsey Bagot during EUCI's FERC Transmission Ratemaking Course taking place in Chicago on April 8-9, 2019.  

From EUCI: 

With margins in wholesale power markets shrinking in response to low natural gas prices, investment analysts have in recent years signaled a preference for electric utility investment in rate-regulated activities, including transmission and distribution.  Meanwhile, FERC’s Order No. 1000 reforms created new opportunities for utilities and developers to build competitive regional transmission projects.  These developments, combined with a recent proliferation of challenges to address utilities’ return on equity and income tax recovery in transmission rates, have placed a premium on understanding how utilities subject to FERC’s jurisdiction recover their investment in transmission facilities.    

This course will provide attendees with a review of FERC’s regulation of transmission-owning utilities and a working knowledge of cost-of-service rates for transmission.  Attendees will learn how to construct a revenue requirement and calculate transmission rates from utility books and records using FERC’s cost of service statements or a formula rate, and will learn about the latest developments in FERC ratemaking policy and precedent on hot button issues like ROE and tax reform.  Attendees will return to their organizations ready to participate and add value in any initiative related to FERC transmission ratemaking.   

For more information and to register please visit EUCI's website. 


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