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Electric Reliability Update - July 10, 2015

July 10, 2015


NERC Submits BES Compliance Filing - July 1 - NERC submitted a compliance filing detailing the types of local network configurations that have been excluded from the bulk electric system (BES) under Exclusion E3 of the revised BES definition, which excludes local networks operated at less than 300 kV.  These exclusions are documented through Self-Determined Notifications (SDNs) by registered entities.  According to the filing, 13 out of 21 local network SDNs have been approved by NERC as excluded under Exclusion E3.

NERC Submits Petition for Approval of SPP Bylaws - June 30 - NERC submitted a petition to FERC for approval of amendments to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) bylaws.  The amendments correct a cross-reference in the bylaws and add an additional seat on the Corporate Governance Committee for an independent transmission company representative.

NERC Penalty Activity – June 30 – NERC filed with FERC a spreadsheet notice of penalty resolving 20 violations of 7 standards.  

NERC Submits Supplemental Budget True-Up Filing - June 29 - NERC submitted a supplemental filing correcting its 2014 actual cost-to-budget comparison for the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC).  NERC notes  that after adjusting for audited 2014 financial statements, the only material difference between WECC’s original cost-to-budget comparison and its revised filing is the recognition of a $2 million civil penalty expense that resulted from a FERC order.  

NERC Requests Approval of Revised Regional Delegation Agreements - June 26 - NERC submitted to FERC a request for approval to revise the pro forma Regional Delegation Agreement (RDA), and also submitted revised RDAs with each of the eight Regional Entities.  The revised versions are intended to replace the current RDAs, which expire on December 31, 2015.  NERC notes that the proposed revisions are less extensive and more flexible than 2010 revisions which resulted in the currently-effective RDAs.

NERC Submits Changes to Regional Reliability Standard BAL-001-TRE-01 - June 24 - NERC submitted to FERC changes to the Texas Reliability Entity’s (TRE’s)Primary Frequency Response Reference Document, which explains the process for determining the Primary Frequency Response performance for individual resources.  TRE requested that NERC make this informational filing with FERC.


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