Electric Energy: Markets, Regulation and Investment

March 03, 2008

Law Seminars International

Capital Hilton Hotel Washington, DC

Key elements of the electric energy industry are subject to extensive federal and state regulation. Those regulatory structures and investments are undergoing significant changes. This complex and ever-changing web of regulatory oversight can appear arcane and impenetrable.

We will discuss the evolving regulatory framework for the electric energy industry and probing regulatory issues of the day, along with investment choices in the regulatory environment.

This conference provides valuable updates on today's energy regulation for attorneys, industry and government representatives new to the energy industry as well as seasoned professionals.

What You Will Learn:

  • Changing economics and evolving regulation influences
  • Current regulatory issues in light of the differing legal foundations for federal and state energy regulation
  • FERC's new emphasis on energy efficiency
  • Market oversight and enforcement
  • Climate change issues and strategies for electric utilities
  • Where the financial markets are investing
  • Nuclear as a reemerging resource option
  • New coal technologies and environmental challenges
  • Gas pipelines, LNG, renewables and other options
  • Regulatory expectations and private sector investment processes for efficiency and demand side management

Douglas Smith and Kyle Danish will be two of the Program Co-Chairs. 

Mr. Smith will speak at 10:45 AM on March 3 during the session "Electricity Utility Regulation:  Current Regulatory Challenges".

Mr. Danish will speak at 3:15 PM on March 3 during the session entitled "Climate Change and Strategies for Electric Utilites and their Regulators". 

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Washington, DC
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