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Carbon Utilization Research Council

The firm manages the Carbon Utilization Research Council (CURC), a multi-industry coalition of utilities, coal producers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, industry research and development organizations, as well as states and educational institutions, that share a collective interest in promoting the research and development (R&D), demonstration, and deployment of technologies that utilize coal.  CURC has been the principal actor in the design and development of several federal programs to advance competitively coal technology development and deployment, and during the course of its more than two decades of existence has successfully developed or supported key R&D programs, helping to acquire nearly $15 billion in federal incentives through these programs in the form of grants, tax incentives and loan guarantees. CURC, under Van Ness Feldman’s guidance, is widely regarded in Congress and the Department of Energy as the key multi-industry organization in Washington, D.C. with the technical expertise, political understanding, and history to speak on the status of clean coal related technology and use.

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