ALI-ABA Global Warming: Climate Change and the Law

April 03, 2008

Marriott Metro Center Washington, DC

Understanding the emerging markets and regulations surrounding climate change and carbon trading is a critical skill for practitioners of environmental, regulatory, administrative, corporate, and securities law. A carbon-constrained world presents both risks and opportunities, and practitioners are expected to explain the new landscape to clients trying to chart a course in this new territory. This course is intended to provide both the practical understanding and skills necessary to accomplish this task.

Top federal and state officials and practitioners provide:

  • Scientific basics necessary to understand carbon control, equivalency, and sequestration
  • Policy and factual background to understand the Kyoto Protocol's design and enforcement

The faculty members also explain and discuss:

  • Carbon measurement
  • Carbon allocation
  • Carbon reduction
  • Carbon offsets 
  • Trading both under the Kyoto Protocol and emerging U.S. systems 
  • Legal implications of being subject to or exempt from a carbon control regime
  • State climate plans
  • Renewable portfolio standards 
  • Carbon inventories 
  • The outlook for federal global warming legislation 
  • Voluntary federal programs and voluntary reduction commitments 
  • Corporate disclosure, fiduciary duties, and insurance issues

The course concludes with consideration of likely future developments and implications for clients. The course also includes a full hour of ethics instruction.
A diverse faculty drawn from the ranks of practicing attorneys in the private bar and attorneys and related professionals in government, the public interest community, academia, and corporate settings ensures full coverage of the topic and of the legal and policy considerations that underlie it. Time is reserved throughout the program to address registrants' questions.

Kyle Danish will be speaking on the Kyoto Protocol during Webcast Segment A on April 3 at 10:30 AM.

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