ABA's SEER 50th Spring Conference on Environmental Law

April 30, 2021


Join Gwen Keyes Fleming as she presents at the American Bar Association's Section for Environment, Energy & Resources (SEER)'s 50th Spring Conference on Environmental Law, on Friday, April 30th at 11 AM Eastern. Gwen will be joining distinguished panelists in discussing the Paths of Environmental Law and Environmental Justice: Where We Need to Go to Ensure Equal Protection for Everyone.

From ABA's Website: 

A half century ago, environmental law and environmental justice emerged along paths that sought to ensure everyone had access to a clean and healthy environment regardless of race, social status, or economics. While environmental law arose to address the harmful impacts of the environment on people, environmental justice, which focuses on disproportionate harms on certain populations, in many ways has lagged behind traditional notions of environmental law. Fifty years later, certain disadvantaged groups continue to be disproportionately impacted by harmful environmental conditions and face growing challenges with clean air and water, contaminated lands, and the impacts of climate change. This panel will bring environmental justice champions together for a discussion of the history of environmental justice, where the paths of traditional environmental law and environmental justice have diverged, current efforts to prioritize environmental justice, and practical opportunities for lawyers to contribute to solutions.

This session will qualify for CLE credit.   For more information and to register, visit the ABA's website.