Van Ness Feldman's Kyle Danish Quoted in Greenwire Article on EPA and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

December 10, 2009

In a Greenwire article on EPA's recent findings that greenhouse gas emissions endanger human health and welfare, Kyle Danish is quoted as saying, "Ever since the Supreme Court's April 2007 decision in the Massachusetts v. EPA case, we have been advising our clients to anticipate the endangerment finding.  In particular, after the Obama administration took office, it became clear that the endangerment finding would be a key link in a chain of actions that would empower the EPA to start regulating greenhouse gas emissions."

He goes on to say, "The legislative picture has gotten pretty murky, It would be one thing if there was a clear choice between EPA regulation and some particular piece of legislation, but now it looks as though the Senate is kind of back to square one. Accordingly, it may be too much to expect that 'industry,' speaking as a monolith, will request some particular legislative program as an alternative to EPA regulation."

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