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Hells Canyon Complex

The Hells Canyon Complex consists of three hydroelectric projects (dams, reservoirs, and powerhouses) on the segment of the Snake River forming the border between Idaho and Oregon.  These three projects are the Brownlee, Oxbow, and Hells Canyon projects. River mile 247 of the  Snake River below Hells Canyon Dam and river mile 343 just above the upstream margin of Brownlee Reservoir mark the downstream and upstream boundaries of the complex. 

The license for the Hells Canyon Complex (FERC No. 1971) expired at the end of July 2005. Idaho Power Company has sought to relicense this project and to continue operating it for the benefit of its owners and customers.  It has been operating on annual licenses since 2005. Van Ness Feldman began assisting Idaho Power Company in its relicensing efforts in January 2018.  The Hells Canyon, on the Oregon/Idaho border, is the deepest canyon in North America.  Operations of the three developments of the complex are closely coordinated to generate electricity and serve many other public purposes.  

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