Americans for Balanced Energy Choices

October 18, 2007


As the national debate intensifies about how America will meet its growing energy needs while being environmentally responsible, an often mentioned subject is clean coal technologies.

Promising technologies are the key to using coal to produce electricity with near zero emissions. A broad range of clean coal technologies is having a similarly dramatic impact on electricity generation that micro-processors had on computing.

With more than 50 percent of the country's electricity produced by coal, these emerging technologies are why industry and government say the question isn't "if" we will use coal, but "how."

To bring clarity to the debate, the first in a series of free quarterly Webinars will help take the mystery out of "clean coal" technologies being developed and used today.  Speakers will focus on who is doing what and where; timelines, regulatory challenges, economic impacts, and provide a look ahead.

Ben Yamagata, Executive Director, Coal Utilization Research Council and L. Doug Carter, Senior Energy Advisor, Van Ness Feldman, will lead the discussion along with Scott Klara, Senior Analyst, National Energy Technology Laboratory. 


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