The strength of the firm’s success lies in our dedication to integrating our professionals’ differences in substantive knowledge, perspective, and professional and civic backgrounds. We collaboratively practice law, and formulate positions and strategies for our clients, in a way that capitalizes on that diversity. To this end, the firm is dedicated to fostering a positive and creative environment that attracts talented individuals with diverse experiences.

At Van Ness Feldman, diversity encompasses a wide range of characteristics and life experiences, including gender, age, race, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, political affiliation, marital status, physical ability, military and government experience, education, and family relationships. The firm’s goal is to maintain a work environment where the unique attributes, perspectives, backgrounds, skills, and abilities of each individual thrive and contribute to our collective success.

Among our ongoing efforts, we strive to recruit and retain the highest caliber attorneys, policy professionals, and staff available from a broad array of backgrounds. The firm’s diversity initiative is led by a committee composed of diverse professionals from throughout the firm.  

Specific diversity efforts include:

   ▪   Participation in the Mid-Atlantic Black Law Students Association Job Fair (MABLSA) and the Northwest Minority Job Fair (NWMJF); 
   ▪   Identifying and interviewing diverse law students via the firm’s recruiting programs and other sources
   ▪   Training Alaska Natives, particularly women, in law or government relations advocacy;
   ▪   Operating the Legal Learning Program, a program to help prepare under represented students entering law school;
    The establishment of a 1L Diversity Law Clerkship; and
    The firm is a proud member of the Diversity and Flexibility Alliance and a sponsor of the Women's Council on Energy and the Environment.

Learn more about the members of our Diversity Committee:

Michael Farber,
Committee Co-Chair
Sophia Amberson
DiNoua Avery
Britt Fleming
Ed Gehres
Dan Press
Nicole Rutherford
Gwendolyn Fleming,
Committee Co-Chair
Julie Brandsness
Keturah Brown
Ray Liaw
Phil Mone
Jordan Smith
Mealear Tauch

Margaret Claybour
Robert Conrad
Molly Lawrence
Lisa Pavia
Mona Tandon
Julia Wood

Shelley Fidler