2019 Northwest Land Camp

Washington Association of Land Trusts

Walla Walla, WA

June 20, 2019

Join Terese (T.C.) Richmond, Duncan Greene, and Timothy McHarg in their discussion on Climate Change Resilience, Mitigation, and Carbon Finance in the 2019 Northwest Land Camp.

This session will consider the various ways that land trusts around the country are starting to “mainstream” (or incorporate) climate change resilience, mitigation, and carbon finance into their planning and decision-making processes. We will also discuss how land trusts can take advantage of ecosystem service markets when adaptation and mitigation measures overlap with monetization activities like carbon offset projects, with specific examples of forest and grassland carbon projects. After these discussions, we will facilitate a conversation with attendees about their experiences with climate change issues generally, “mainstreaming” and carbon finance in particular, and how they can apply lessons learned by other land trusts to their own organizations.

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