17th Annual Energy, Environment & Utility Conference

February 03, 2014

Sponsored by U.S. Dept of Energy, Edison Electric Institute, and Electric Power Research Institute

Phoenix Convention Center Phoenix, AZ

On February 4, VNF's Malcolm McLellan presented on recent developments in Qualifying Facilities (QF) issues. In a presentation titled, "FERC Escalates PURPA Dispute in the West: Idaho Cases," Malcolm provided a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most contentious QF issues over the last few years, including FERC's PURPA enforcement case, REC ownership, curtailment of QF deliveries, and point of delivery issues.

The17th Annual Energy, Utility & Environment Conference & expo is the country's largest professional networking & educational event of its kind, featuring over 500 speakers, 2000 delegates, and 150 exhibits. From February 3-5, hundreds of the world’s leading experts spoke on diverse topics spanning clean air policy, legislation and technologies, multi-pollutant control, energy and climate policy, wind, solar, EV-PHEV, carbon markets and CCS, corporate greenhouse gas (GHS) strategies, biofuels, biomass, and biogas, sustainability and reliability, energy efficiency and management, renewable energy, and operations and management.

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