Representative Matters

Strategic Energy Usage & Development

  • The firm assists clients in identifying and developing op­portunities for the capture of waste heat and steam from existing industrial pro­cesses, resulting in substantial cost sav­ings; in combining heat and power plant operations to meet and exceed air regula­tions and permitting requirements; and in reducing greenhouse gas production and emission.
  • Van Ness Feldman assists clients estab­lishing self-contained grids that are sepa­rate from existing utility providers.
  • The firm assists clients to utilize combined heat and power, es­tablish microgrids and otherwise estab­lish cogeneration facilities to achieve im­proved efficiencies, manage fuel, and maximize renewable sources and securi­ty. VNF then assists clients in selling ex­cess electric generation to the electric grid, resulting in a source of revenue for the client.

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