Representative Matters

Energy Efficiency Representative Matters

  • For a startup information technology company looking to enhance its market presence and penetrate the government market, we have developed a federal legislative and educational strategy on potential energy savings from PC power management.
  • We work with technology providers and electric utilities to implement more efficient power distribution networks.  We also help utilities with load management issues, including engaging large consumers of power to develop creative, low-cost options to manage energy use. 
  • We advise several companies and utilities that are developing advanced metering technologies. 
  • For an HVAC manufacturer, we obtained regulatory adjustments from that created markets for its advanced technologies.
  • On behalf of a building materials company, we obtained EnergyStar certification for aluminum windows that significantly expanded the size of the market for their product. 
  • We have assisted the U.S. Green Building Council (responsible for promulgation of the LEED for buildings) to manage their explosive growth, build their chapter network and advocacy capabilities, become a technical resource for government agencies, and achieve recognition from standards-setting bodies in a host of areas.

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