Representative Matters

Alternative Fuels

  • The firm represents a leading cellulosic biofuel company before Congress, the Department of Energy and the Department of Agriculture on the energy and agricultural policies critical to the advanced biofuel industry.
  • The firm represents several clients that are developing advanced clean vehicle technologies, including fuel cell, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles.  
  • The firm, on behalf of the Engine Manufacturers Association, helped secure the first significant funding for the Advance Collaborative Emissions Study (ACES), a rigorous multi-year stakeholder study of new, cleaner, heavy-duty diesel engines supported by engine manufacturers, the DOE, the EPA, the California Air Research Board, environmental organizations, the Coordinating Research Council, and the respected Health Effects Institute.
  • Van Ness Feldman created and manage the Cellulosic Biofuels Working Group, a collaborative industry effort to create federal incentives necessary to drive cellulosic technology forward to the marketplace. 
  • Van Ness Feldman represents clients interested in developing feedstocks for biofuels. These include next generation feedstocks such as camelina, algae, and corn and sorghum hybrids, as well as conventional timber and agricultural products. 
  • Leveraging our networks, we have brought clients together and helped secure access to competitively priced feedstocks.
  • Since the inception of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards (CAFE) program in 1975, we have been heavily involved in the development and subsequent interpretation and proposed amendments to, adaptation of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard.  Our current work involves analysis of issues such as whether the program should evolve from an engine efficiency basis to a tailpipe emission basis, and how to incorporate potential biofuel mandates and plug-in hybrids.

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