Representative Matters

Ninth Circuit Proceedings Regarding Refunds for Power Sales in the Pacific Northwest

Van Ness Feldman represented several electric utilities (including both investor-owned and municipally-owned) and marketers as respondents in the hearings and investigations conducted by FERC and its Administrative Law Judges and as petitioners and intervenors in the appellate litigation stemming from FERC orders regarding refunds for sales in Pacific Northwest wholesale electricity markets during the Western electricity crisis of 2000-2001. The firm continues to represent active participants in this litigation before FERC and in appellate courts.

Our participation has encompassed the evidentiary hearings, the settlement process, and every stage of the appellate litigation including argument of the proceedings that have been concluded before the Ninth Circuit, work in connection with a petition for a writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court, and the later review proceedings currently pending before the Ninth Circuit.

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