Representative Matters

Portland General Electric

The firm serves as regulatory and relicensing counsel to Portland General Electric (PGE) for its 17 megawatt (MW) Willamette Falls Project, 21MW Bull Run Project, 137MW Clackamas River Project, and 367MW Pelton Round Butte Project. After FERC imposed significant changes to the comprehensive settlement reached with all agencies and stakeholders in the relicensing of the Pelton Round Butte Project, the firm successfully defended the settlement on rehearing before FERC. More recently, the firm successfully defended the Clackamas Project relicensing settlement in similar proceedings before FERC.

With regard to license implementation and compliance, the firm successfully defended PGE in a petition filed with FERC by certain shoreline owners at the Pelton Round Butte Project who sought substantial annual charges for the project’s use and occupancy of Indian allotment lands.

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