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For over forty years, Van Ness Feldman has helped clients successfully navigate nearly all aspects of federal energy, environmental and natural resources matters. 

To enhance the firm’s ability to continue serving the varying needs of clients, Van Ness Feldman formed VNF Solutions LLC--a wholly owned subsidiary of Van Ness Feldman LLP--that provides clients non-legal advisory services and solutions to complex issues in energy, environment, natural resources, infrastructure, transportation, real estate, and health care areas. Originally conceived of by Bob Nordhaus and  Bill Van Ness, VNF Solutions  draws on the diverse experience of all of the professionals at Van Ness Feldman in order to provide clients a range of services, including:  legislative advocacy, technology evaluations, coalition management, analytics, government agency consulting, legislative and regulatory impact analysis, land use planning, and support on federal funding opportunities.

VNF Solutions is governed by a Board of senior professionals with deep, multi-disciplinary experience in our clients’ issues, and facilitates client access to a diverse talent pool of non-legal services.  The VNF Solutions team provides clients with highly specialized, strategic consulting and analytical services that are tailored to achieve decisive results for a client’s business objectives.  To the extent legal representation is necessary, VNF Solutions works seamlessly with Van Ness Feldman attorneys to provide end to end services.

For more information, please contact Janet Anderson or call 202-298-1800.


Our professionals regularly provide analyses of proposed regulations and legislation that enable clients to project operational and financial impacts.  These analyses also provide an excellent basis for comments to federal agencies on notices of proposed rulemaking or outreach to lawmakers, including most recently serving as the basis of a court decision directing the EPA to replace a final rulemaking.


Several of our professionals have extensive technical backgrounds in the energy industry which facilitates counsel on the viability of technologies under consideration for investment purposes or installation to meet strategic policy or environmental goals.


VNF Solutions has unrivaled experience advising both the private and public sectors in  their necessary federal, state, and local government interactions to resolve some of the most complex challenges in the energy, environmental, technology, and health care industries. We provide technical evaluations of regulations and their effects, as well as the impacts of legislation and political considerations across a range of issues our clients face in their operations. The breadth of the firm’s resources enables us to bring a rare, multidisciplinary approach to assisting governmental clients. We understand the special requirements imposed by public finance, and the need for coordination and alignment of interests within governmental units, and among federal, state, and municipal stakeholders.


The team is highly regarded for decades of creative and innovative legislative work on behalf of clients.  Many of our professionals served as senior legislative advisors for prominent Members of Congress and assisted in the drafting, advocacy, and adoption of major legislative initiatives.  VNF Solutions is uniquely positioned to assist clients with today’s politically divisive landscape.


The firm brings both private and public-sector experience in providing counsel to both federal and local governments in order to resolve some of the most complex challenges in the energy, environmental, technology, health care, and related sectors. VNF Solutions is skilled at providing technical evaluations of regulations and their effects, as well as the impact of legislation and the potential political considerations across a range of issues. The breadth of the team’s resources enables VNF Solutions to bring a multidisciplinary approach to the representation of governmental clients, including our understanding of the special requirements imposed by public finance and the need for coordination and alignment of interests within governmental units—which include varied federal, state, and municipal stakeholders.


VNF Solutions provides counsel to public and private clients in all facets of law related to land use and development to help clients navigate overlapping and divergent federal, state, and local statutes and regulations. The team develops comprehensive permitting strategies and guides clients through the regulatory process from project conception to completion.  VNF Solutions is highly-skilled in drafting and advancing changes in the laws and regulations through the legislative and rule making processes. 


Janet M. Anderson

Senior Technology and Policy Advisor

Washington D.C.

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John J. Buchovecky


Washington D.C.

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Jason Larrabee

Senior Policy Advisor

Washington D.C.

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Molly A. Lawrence



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Nancy Macan McNally

Principal, Managing Director, Governmental Issues

Washington D.C.

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Tom Roberts


Washington D.C.

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Eric C. Wagner

Senior Policy Advisor

Washington D.C.

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  • VNF Solutions assisted a large energy development company in educating personnel on the background and operation of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, which established the Native corporations in Alaska and was conceived and drafted by Bill Van Ness.
  • VNF Solutions assisted a petroleum pipeline project in obtaining the federal permits necessary to begin construction across south Louisiana.
  • VNF Solutions is advising the City of Houston with regard to federal disaster recovery policy in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
  • VNF Solutions represents a group of companies and other entities interested in achieving meaningful improvements in the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers civil program, including both civil works projects and the Corps’ regulatory responsibilities. 
  • VNF Solutions is assisting an environmental company in deploying their technology in coastal restoration applications.