VNF Talks: U.S. v. Washington, Culvert Subproceeding:
Implications on the Regulated Community in the Northwest

719 Second Ave, Suite 1150 — Seattle, WA

July 10, 2018

2 CLE credits available  

Since 2001, the United States, the Western Washington Treaty Tribes (“Tribes”), and the State of Washington (“State”) have been engaged in epic litigation concerning whether State owned culverts, which block fish passage, have violated the Tribes' treaty rights.

The United States Supreme Court held oral arguments on April 18, 2018 and is expected to issue a ruling in June.  Regardless of the ruling, the Supreme Court decision is likely to have significant implications on the relationships between the Tribes, the State, and the federal government, especially as it relates to resource management and protection.  During this VNF Talks CLE, Van Ness Feldman attorneys will provide an overview of the upcoming Supreme Court decision and discuss its implications on the regulated community in the Northwest.  

Additionally, Van Ness Feldman attorneys will address other emerging issues related to the permitting of infrastructure projects that are located in close proximity to the Tribes’ fishing grounds.

Please join us for a panel discussion and a question/answer session which will address:

  1. Summary and Implications of the U.S. Supreme Court June 2018 Culvert Decision
  2. Emerging CWA 404 Permitting Issues Related to Treaty Tribes’ Fishing Grounds 
  3. Strategies Successful Tribal Relationships and Resolving Conflicts

CLE Lunch Event:
July 10, 11:30-1:30
719 Second Ave, Suite 1150
Seattle, WA

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