Alaska Native Affairs

Alaska Native corporations and other entities consistently face a variety of issues arising under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), drafted in part by one of the firm’s founders, Bill Van Ness, and the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA).  Van Ness Feldman’s attorneys and policy professionals have significant knowledge and expertise in representing Alaska Native Regional and Village Corporations and other Alaska Native groups on a wide range of issues, including: 

  • Conveyance of lands to Alaska Native Corporations;
  • Completion of land exchanges between Alaska Native Corporations and the federal government;
  • Drafting and securing enactment of technical amendments to ANCSA;
  • Advocacy on other Native issues, such as health, education, and cultural preservation;
  • Consultation on business transactions and strategic planning;
  • Securing federal appropriations or grants;
  • Protection of subsistence fishing rights.


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Richard A. Agnew

Partner and Chairman

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Tyson C. Kade

Of Counsel

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Matthew A. Love



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Melinda L. Meade Meyers


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Danielle B. Mercurio

Senior Policy and Industry Analyst

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Alan L. Mintz


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Tom Roberts


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William Van Ness, Jr.

In Memoriam

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Andrew M. VanderJack


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