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Van Ness Feldman attorneys offer a full range of real estate transactional services and advice. Their deep experience spans acquisition, development and finance, negotiation of commercial leases, management of large due diligence evaluations, and structuring of multi-property acquisitions.

Van Ness Feldman represents buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, for-profit and nonprofit entities. Clients include national tenants, municipalities, pension funds, REITs, and commercial real estate investors, owners, developers and managers. A creative yet pragmatic approach emphasizes workable solutions to achieve practical results with highest value. Rapid turnaround, clear structure and a solid understanding of business objectives are among Van Ness Feldman’s guiding principles.


Van Ness Feldman assists clients with the planning, construction, and operation of commercial, residential, mixed-use and utility projects. Well beyond mere site purchase, project development often entails negotiation and preparation of development agreements; ground leases; covenants, restrictions and easements; financing documents; and construction and operational contracts. The firm has deep knowledge and broad experience in all phases of a development's life.

Van Ness Feldman provides clients with a complete picture of the risks and benefits associated with any deal. The firm has significant experience in the management and oversight of the due diligence process for large, complex real estate transactions. It uncovers property restrictions and encumbrances; researches and analyzes zoning regulations, subdivision requirements and shoreline designations; and reviews water rights issues to determine if the site is adequately served. Lawyers supervise consultants across a spectrum of disciplines, including environmental, wildlife, historical/cultural resources, and structural engineering, to assess project feasibility.

  • Site identification and evaluation
  • Acquisition of necessary regulatory, zoning and subdivision approvals
  • Financing
  • Negotiation of contracts with construction, engineering and architectural service providers
  • Project management and coordination
  • Reciprocal easement agreements
  • Large-scale document review
  • Title and survey review
  • Land use regulation analysis
  • Water rights review
  • Multiple consultants supervision and contract negotiation


Van Ness Feldman understands the critical role of financing in almost every project, whether or not clients seek the firm's focused knowledge and counsel on finance-related matters. The firm is adept at coordination of project funding sources for acquisition, construction, leasing and other steps in the development and ownership process. Attorneys assist with construction loans during the development phase of a project, permanent loans upon project completion, and refinancing of existing loans.

  • Construction and permanent real estate loans, including conduit loans
  • Combining multiple funding sources for complex projects, including loans from private lenders, financial contributions from governmental participants, and subordinate debt, including public and publicly subsidized loans
  • Line of credit and other business loan negotiation and structure
  • Ground lease finance


Van Ness Feldman's highly respected leasing practice extends well beyond negotiation and drafting of critical lease documents, offering strategic perspective and outstanding value. Our breadth of experience - from the simplest lease extension to the most intricate, multi-year lease - helps clients manage current and future risk. And our approach - realistic, practical, yet innovative - consistently earns the trust and respect of Fortune 100® companies, major cities, developers, universities and other organizations.

  • Office, Retail, Restaurants, Warehouse and Distribution centers
  • Industrial, Biotechnology, Data centers and other high technology facilities
  • Ground leases
  • Green leases

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